Children, Familes and Pets

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Children, Baby and Family Portraits

My goal – and my passion – is to create artistic portraits of those you love that capture their indefinable essence, that bring you joy, that showcase their beauty and speak their truth. I have spent many years cultivating a process that allows me to do just that. A part of the goal of this process is to minimize the awkwardness that so often accompanies photography sessions.

My process starts with talking with you about those I’ll be photographing. Your descriptions of them, of what makes them who they are, their uniqueness, their gifts and quirks will give me a sense of the themes that will guide the session: placement, light and setting. My objective in this phase is to create an atmosphere that is relaxed and open, that inspires creativity, spontaneity, and candor. This is where we will play with the possibilities for location, clothing, style, tone, etc. This phase typically takes place via phone or email conversation but can also be done in a face to face planning session usually taking less than an hour.

For the photography session itself, I generally set aside about one to one and a half hours – longer if necessary. This time is devoted to capturing 45-60 images so as to ensure that you will have a generous number and variety of photo proofs to choose from.

If you plan to display your family portrait on a wall, mantle or desktop (rather than as a photo album or photo book display), the overall color tone of your portrait is an important choice to make during the initial planning because it should coordinate well with your home’s decor. Your portrait’s framing should also coordinate with your decor but is a choice you will make after you purchase your portrait.

My photo sessions are designed to be relaxed and enjoyable with ample time to ensure that everyone feels at ease. Children in particular may need a little extra time to get used to the setting, the photographer, and the camera. Creating an environment that’s fun and comfortable not only ensures that everyone looks their natural best, it also ensures you’ll have a nice selection of photo proofs to choose from.

A few days after your photo session, you’ll have an opportunity to view your proofs. This is typically done online but can also be done at my home studio via large screen flat panel TV. The purpose of proofing is for you to choose which images you’ll want to have retouched and incorporated into your final product choice.

For more information you can check out the Family Portrait FAQ here or call me at (804) 901-4688 or email me. I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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